Team Members

Eric Tooley, Lead Coach & Certified Pastoral Sexual Addiction Specialist

eric-tooleyEric values the institute of marriage and he strongly believes in fighting for your marriage rather than giving up. Although he has been happily married for the past 15 years, Eric’s first marriage ended in divorce. After his training with The Marriage Place, he realizes he chose all the wrong strategies in trying to save it. He specializes in helping individuals, couples and families who are dealing with pornography issues. For more than twenty years, he has led workshops and given presentations all over the country on healthy sexuality. Most of all, he has a heart for helping people make good choices in all areas of their lives.

Eric has a master’s degree in professional counseling. He is an ordained minister and can do pastoral counseling as well as life coaching from either a faith-based or secular approach.

Bonnie Estes, Certified Relationship Coach

bonnie estesBonnie Estes is a certified life coach who graduated from Coach U, an institution accredited by International Coaches Federation in 2005 and one of the top US coaching institutes.
She has years of experience helping clients meet their goals of a more fulfilling life and has worked with a long list of well-known coaches in the field.

Bonnie is the author of Know Thy Self – Engage Others, a personal development workbook that helps master what Bonnie calls Ego Behaviors. She believes ego behaviors can be one of the blocks that keep people from life success. The tool has been well received by counselors, coaches and clients.

In January of 2014 Bonnie joined Engage With Love because she shares Kim’s vision for helping to change the world’s view of marriage.

Michael Popovici, Certified Relationship Coach

michael-popovici Michael’s marriage of more than thirty-four years and raising six children with his wife, combined with mentoring and training from counselors, coaches, and ministry leaders, brings discernment and understanding of the challenges confronted in a marriage. Michael’s first marriage ended in divorce with consequences brought about by his own behavior. From that experience, he realized the necessity for change in his thinking and his behavior.

With compassion, wisdom, and experience he engages each person and couple, helping them to realize the reality of who they are and how they show up in their relationships. He helps his clients realize what their relationship can be and helps them get there so they realize greater intimacy and connectedness.

Sara Snyder, Certified Relationship Coach

sara-syndarSara is a strong believer in the value of marriage and working to keep your relationship alive through all stages of life. Married for more than 39 years, she and her husband have moved together through both pleasant and difficult seasons. Especially during the last 5 years, they have weathered multiple waves of loss and grief. Sara has a heart for hurting people, and is especially gifted at listening for what is beneath the surface. Many years of practice walking alongside those who have been brought into her life, along with her training as a Life Coach make her a person who can help you find a way through the hard places.

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