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Easy-to-use solutions that help you fight to save your marriage!

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Not ready for our coaching program or just can’t afford the expense right now? You can tap into this Re-Engage Toolkit for easy-to-use solutions that help you fight to save your marriage. With a little help from this Toolkit put together by our trained experts, you’ll uncover the answers you’re looking for, so you won’t have to wait for your marriage problems to go away or just settle for divorce.

Now you can equip yourself with our highly effective (and affordable!) Re-Engage Toolkit for less than $30…and give your marriage another chance. Delivers tools, exercises, and worksheets proven to work in our private practice counseling and coaching, to help you start doing things differently and communicate better. You will learn how to get your spouse to fall in love with you again. As well as when to set limits even if your spouse wants out. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn how to save your marriage…beginning NOW!

Here are some of the tips, guidelines, and practical exercises you get in The Re-Engage Toolkit to help changes the dynamics of your marriage:

  • Learn the 4 laws of attraction and how to make your spouse fall in love with you again.
  • Know when to be soft and when to set limits, so your spouse doesn’t manipulate you when you are trying to save your marriage.
  • Discover the secrets to not appearing needy and pathetic…so your spouse doesn’t stop respecting you.
  • Learn how to listen so your spouse feels connected to you again.
  • Find out how to set boundaries to protect relationships.
  • Delve into what behaviors you will and will not accept.

And many other helpful ways to see positive results.


Re-Engage After the Affair

How to save your marriage when your spouse wants
to reconcile… and even when they don’t!


After an affair, is it possible for your marriage to fully recover from the trauma it causes in a relationship? Can you survive the chaos? Can you rebuild a better marriage afterwards? Clients are often desperate for answers to critical post-affair questions like these.

If you are looking for your marriage to recover after an affair and come out stronger, you probably need more help than even our Re-Engage Toolkit delivers. You need customized help that only comes from our new guide/toolkit, Re-Engage After the Affair.

In Re-Engage After the Affair, you get a wealth of information, worksheets, and tips proven to work in our private practice counseling and coaching, to help you recognize the problems and warning signs. You will learn about the different categories of affairs, how to confront your spouse if you suspect an affair, and the first steps to take and most importantly, what not to do. You will even learn how to rebuild trust, heal together, and move forward.

Here is some of the guidance and practical exercises you get in Re-Engage After the Affair to help you understand the pain, express genuine feelings, and recommit to your marriage:

  • Discover why you shouldn’t start spying on your spouse.
  • Learn how to confront your spouse if you see signs of an affair.
  • Find out what “limerence” is and why you need to know all about it.
  • Understand the first 5 steps after you learn of an affair.
  • Know how to forgive and accept the changes…even when your spouse isn’t expressing remorse.

This truly useful how-to handbook helps couples come out the other side stronger and more committed than ever before.

The Re-Engage Toolkit PLUS
Re-Engage After the Affair

Instantly accessed through download!

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