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The Engage With Love approach to coaching is unique. We’re here to help and support you, no matter where you are in the United States or anywhere in the world. We’re here to help you reach your goals, so you can count on…

  • No hidden agendas
  • Quick response times
  • Customized support that works best for you and your partner
  • Never having to leave home
  • No-panic coaching and communications
  • Completely confidential guidance and goal setting
  • One-click access through Skype, email and online conferencing (or by phone)

You can benefit from Engage With Love Coaching if you…

  • Think your marriage is worth fighting for
  • Are ready to change the way you view love and marriage
  • Do not want a divorce, but your spouse does
  • Need a personal coach to listen, help, and give you hope
  • Want to refocus, start working on the right things (and avoiding the wrong ones)
  • Want to discover what kind of communications works best for you and your partner
  • Are tired of feeling unhappy, unloved, betrayed, and alone
  • Want the right tools to overcome stress and anxiety



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17 thoughts on “Services

  1. How much does a session cost? I love my wife dearly but she has emotionally detached from me and wants a divorce. I see a little doubt in her but she is very stubborn and can emotionally detach and not let herself lose

    • Hi, Carl, one of our Marriage and Relationship Coaches will be in contact with you to explain the pricing and how coaching works. Thank you for reaching out. TL for Kim

  2. I am curious about the coaching as well and do not have a lot of money to be entirely honest. I am buying the book now or should I say the coaching toolkit but I was curious about pricing as well.

    • Hi, Melissa,
      If you’ll call our office, we’ll be happy to go over our pricing with you and answer any other questions you may have, as well.

  3. I love my husband and we have been married for almost 25 years. It has been up and down and we have children which are almost all grown. He has emotionally checked out but not sexually and still says he is physically attracted to me. He wants to leave and be free to do whatever he wants to do and that he has missed out on since we married so young. I told him just to stay and do what he wants and maybe he will feel like reconnecting with me. I know this will be hard because part of it is he really really wants to do whatever he wants with other people .. sexually as well. I don’t know if I should fight for our marriage or just let him go. It has only been a day I don’t know ultimately what he will do or if having this freedom will change how he feels or spark something he once saw. He said he is absolute on wanting to be divorced but needs to do what he wants right now.
    Is this healthy to even want to try and work on on my part. Parts of me think yes and parts of me think no. Please point me in the right direction . My heart says stay and see what space and freedom brings.

  4. Hi Kim I have been married 2 years to my best friend and she wants out. I realize I have been dropping the ball and didn’t see how bad I was making it. But I love her soo much I can’t sleep and can’t eat right now. My world is falling apart and I want to save this more then anything. I’m not wealthy to be honest we squeak by. Is there any help I can get.

    • Michael, I’m so sorry you are going through this. There is help we can offer, but rather than replying here, I’m going to send you an email with next steps.
      Warmly, Kim.

  5. Hello, the only reason why I am writing this letter is to find help in saving my marriage. I am marriage to a wonderful man. We have been married for the past 18 years. Although are marriage wasn’t perfect, we have been inseparable all those times. We do everything together from helping people in need, supporting friends and family emotionally and spiritually. My husband had a very traumatic chidhood. His parents gave him up for adoption when he was two and never felt love all this life. Although my husband had a very traumatic childhood, he grew up to be the most supportive, generous and loving man I have ever known. About myself, I grew up with both supportive and loving parents. All our marriage life, I struggle with trust,maybe it’s because my father had an affair with our maid that end up having 2 children from that affair. This affair was kept secret from us by my parents until my mother passed away .Although I wasn’t playing detective with my husband, he can tell by the way I was acting towards him that I don’t trust him Sometimes. For many many years we would have many arguments but quitting or divorce was never in our vocabulary. We cant stay away from each other too long every time we argued because we both feel that we are wasting our time and it was never fun if we are not talking to one another.Everything started started to change 3 years ago. My paralysis father who had been living with us passed away. Few months after my father’s passing his mother suddenly died from Dementia. I can tell although he had resented his mom for abandoning him as a child he took her passing very hard. I believe in his heart he was hoping that someday he would have a relationship with his mom. During time was also the time he took a very high position from his job. His schedules begun to change and it requires him to travel frequently. I started to resent this job because of him traveling and being away from us. for the very first time I have felt I was no longer his priority. Although it wasn’t the case. . We started to argue and I started to feel he has anger towards me. Although we would patched things over we can’t seems to get through these Feelings. He accused me for not supporting him, which I knew and admitted I’m guilty off. We decided to see a counselor in the spring of 2016 to help our marriage.The counseling was going so well so I t thought when he decided to quit counselor without any reason. He Also started to drink alcohol before bedtime, would watch countless hours on the television or his ipad. he became quiet but not completely distant.. Although we were struggling because of the unresolved feelings we still continue to plan for our future. During this time my instincts was telling something wasn’t right. In January of 2017 i found out that he was talking to someone on messenger for 5 months. I was devastated and the fee!ing of being betrayed hurt so deeply. It hurts even more to find out that the person he was talking to was someone I helped financially years ago to get her education. I felt betrayed and disrespected. I confronted him and he Was embarrassed of what he has done. He immediately closed his account and stopped communicating with the person. because I love him and feeling hurt of being him struggle with depression and brokenness I forgave him. In spite of hi mistake he is a goodvman. He told me it was just an outlet and it was the alcohol. I forgave him because in the past it was not in his character to betray me and I be!ieved it was then drinking at night and the depression that made him to be that person. For Numerous Time He Tried to stop drinking but everytime there would be an issue about something he would turn to alcohol at night. By this time he is now easily agitated, and even the smallest things would prompt him to turn to alcohol. In spite of all of these we remained to spend time and plan for the future. He planned of doing an early retirement from his job in 2 years after our youngest will graduate from HS. We planned of selling our property and moving back closer to my family in Southern California .We even looked at places outside the country to !ived. This made me the happiest wife in the wolrd, it means no more traveling. Today things might have change for the worse. He mentioned about thinking of maybe extending for 4 more years, because his expertise was needed In His Departmentb and there’s was only a few people than can do his job. This will include frequent travel time again. He asked me to hang on for 2 years and once we move to southern california I can travel with him. I know I reacted selfishly, because I was set in him retiring in 2 years. This time he accused me of never supporting him in his career. He said that he was doing it for the sake of source family’s future and He Wil! Do It REgardless I Agree Or Not. He also said that he was not the same person that I know,he’s dying inside and miserable in our marriage. He also told me to find someone else. He said he just doesn’t think we will be happy again and he would lk!e to leave. I asked him if he loves me and he replied yes, but he doesn’t think love is enough to get out of missery. He asked me why do we continue being together and try because we just kept on going back to the same i issue. Please help us… I am numb and confuse at this point. How Can Two People who were just Planning About Their Future together, a Husband Who Just Told Me I WAs THe LOve Of His Life All Of A Sudden Wants To Leave Me!!!

  6. Me and my wife loves each other so much. We have been living in our marriage almost 3 year now. We both have been living very romantic happy life. I belive I had white lies issue. And I had few issues she ddnt like. I was changing it and then we have to move to another country for her study. And I decide to move with her to be her support system when she is studying. I have been trying to supportive for her in every way. Feeding laundry and all household works and try to take her out as we don’t have friends and she might get bored.
    But a financial crisis came up in my business and I couldn’t effort to pay her school bill. I tried my best and I ask her to ask for family help and so I can return in like 4 days. And after she call her family. All of sudden she ask for a divorce. Gave excuses of me saying white lies, she wasn’t happy since a month back and was in so much stress and now she wants a divorce because she is mentally effected. But we were making love and saying each other I love you the previous night. I was shocked. I have begged her. Tried to talk to her. Now she is so angry with me. Took all the issues we talked and solve long time back and make it big. I have been trying to meet her, be patience and respect her. We both live is different house now because we came back to home and she decide to take a break from study. I ask her so many time not to give up on study. As life is a storm and we need to go through from all the storms to build a happy life. Me getting in to a financial crises wasn’t my mistake and I tried my best.

    I really want her to be back and change my self all in good and build a happy life together. She never wanted to give a chance and said she can’t trust me

    • Kady, one of our Marriage & Relationship Coaches would be happy to walk with you, guide you, and offer moral support during this time. If you are interested in our services, call or email our office to set up a coaching consultation.

      Wishing you the best,
      TL for Kim

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