The Engage With Love Coaching Intensive

The Engage With Love
Coaching Intensive

Provides 1 or 2 days (your choice!) of personalized, one-on-one coaching with Kim Bowen.

Together, you’ll laser-focus entirely on your relationship…and take a major step towards helping to save your marriage.

This coaching intensive in Dallas, Texas takes you away from your daily distractions and obligations — work, phone, Internet and kids—and delivers customized support and guidance.

It’s like getting months of therapy in a thorough, concentrated coaching session…and getting away with your spouse and exploring the big “D” can be good for your relationship on many levels!

We saw 5 counselors before we found Kim and we learned more in one session with her than we did with all the others combined. Just wish we had found her sooner!

From the Desk ofkim Bowen
Kim Bowen


I want you to know that I really get what it’s like to be in a troubled marriage. I have been there. It hurts. It really hurts.

Sometimes the pain is so bad, you want an immediate (yet lasting) solution. You don’t want to wait months to get to the heart of the problem. Or be interrupted by other obligations, kids, phone calls and work. Or talk and talk through repeated, drawn out counseling or therapy.

You want proven, effective results and tools you can put to work within days, instead of months. You want to re-engage your spouse before it’s too late and you both give up. Without delays, detours, or wasted time.

That’s why we’re now offering this
Engage With Love Coaching Intensive.

I will work one-on-one with you (or you and your spouse) over a single, concentrated period of time. You can choose a 1-day or a 2-day. Of course, it’s interspersed with several breaks.

Want to find out how an Engage With Love Coaching Intensive could help you…or want to schedule an appointment? Simply click here or phone (972) 441-4432 today.

Kim, you sure know how to dive in and get right to the heart of the matter. But you did it in a way that was non-threatening to both of us. My husband worried he would be the "bad guy" because he had the affair but you managed to be direct in a way that didn't make him want to run away. I truly think that made all the difference.

This Engage With Love Coaching Intensive is perfect, if you:

  • Are struggling in your relationship…at the end of your rope
  • Don’t want to spend months of therapy sessions to go through the process (or have already gone that route without major success or breakthroughs)
  • Simply don’t have the time (or patience) to take all those gradual steps
  • Yearn for proven results and solutions to marriage problems you’ve had for years
  • Are in a marriage where one spouse wants out or is not sure he or she wants to work on the marriage (but you do!)
  • Are on the brink of divorce…and you want to revive/restore what you once had or effectively co-parent
  • Have chosen divorce but want to effectively co-parent
  • Have experienced infidelity and want to heal and move past the trauma

My wife wanted out and nothing I did could convince her to change her mind. But of course, I was doing all the wrong things. Kim helped us see that there was still something left worth fighting for. Now we are using our tools and life gets better every day.

I am ready and waiting to help you gain clarity on what’s happened in your marriage.

I know how to get right down to issues, without ever wasting your time! You can expect that I will be 100% focused on you.

That is why you come to a Coaching Intensive…to concentrate on you and your problems and get away from daily life. I promise to give you all the customized, personal attention and care you need.

Money well spent!  This was the best investment I could have made for my marriage.

Join me at a personalized Engage With Love Coaching Intensive.

When you join me for a Engage With Love Coaching Intensive, I will help you:

  • Increase clarity on what has happened in your marriage and how both of you contributed to where you are now.
  • Find creative solutions to problems that have kept you stuck in repeating patterns of conflict.
  • Gain perspective and understanding of what you want and need in the future.
  • Discover how marriages on the brink of divorce can be revived and restored.
  • See what is possible for your relationship.

Sometimes focusing on yourself for a day or two is enough to rekindle some emotional intimacy. Especially when you are in capable hands like mine.

I can’t express my gratitude enough for all the work you’ve done with me. I now have a better understanding of my wife and what she has experienced from me in our marriage. I strongly believe I am a better husband and father. Thank you for helping me get there!

Intensives are life-changing experiences!

A Coaching Intensive is designed to bring you closer together. Or help you decide what your next step should be.

If a divorce is imminent, learning how to effectively and collaboratively co-parent is essential to your children’s mental and emotional health. I can show you how to do that in ways that honor dignity and respect for both parents.

The bottom line is that whatever happens in your marriage, participating in an Intensive is likely to be the biggest and most important investment you will ever make in your life. It will help you be certain you have no regrets.

Your decision will have permanent, long-lasting consequences, so you need to be sure you have looked at every angle.

Kim, Thank you for helping me see how I have been getting in my own way with my marriage by over-analyzing, ruminating and focusing on destructive or negative thought patterns. I really needed a reality check. You gave me the strategies to cope/manage/adjust and I can’t thank you enough.

Clients often come to see me who have seen therapists before and cannot believe the difference.

To schedule an appointment or find out more about how an Engage With Love Coaching Intensive can help you, simply click here or phone (972) 441-4432 today.

What are you waiting for? You have so much to gain.

Yours truly,

Kim Bowen


P.S. Spots for an Engage With Love Coaching Intensive are filling up. Consider your life. Consider your marriage. Consider you family. Then, click here or phone (972) 441-4432 to find out more and schedule an appointment.

Kim you're hit the nail on the head:) I've done everything so far that you I'm proud of myself. This is very helpful, & I can do this...I will keep you posted...thank you so much for everything:)

Our "marriage counselor" told my husband that our kids were not a reason to stay married so he filed for divorce. I was devastated. I thought we were over but Kim helped us find each other again. I will be forever grateful, Kim, for your passion for marriage.

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  1. Me and my husband have been together for 9 years and married 2 years. We have our ups and downs and we argue a lot. He just told me recently he still wanted to be with me. Now, going on 8 days he has left home, told me he doesn’t believe anything I say and that nothing will change. He doesn’t want to look at me or talk to me. He told me yesterday he filed for divorce. Which was really a shock because we haven’t even had a discussion he just said he was done. I don’t know what to do. I am willing to work through whatever I have to to make it work or at least try again to make it work and he won’t give me the time of day. Our biggest problem is no communication and he has never liked to do that. Which is cause of our arguments

  2. My husband wants divorce and u still love him i need him like never before and he has moved out of the house and not willing to change his mind, its been 3 months now. I really need help on how can i convince him or get help

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