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  1. We have been married for 7 years and things have been rocky for the past 3 years. He always complains about our sex life as his sex drive is much more than mine and he badly wants a family. However, when it comes to sex, he demands certain things that I have found it hard to give. But I did try in no avail as my attempts either backfired me or were not seen or appreciated by him. I dread instigating sex with my own husband because he has been harsh with me, which makes things worse as he grows angrier because he doesn’t get the two important things he wants from marriage – sex and a baby. We tried couple counselling but it didn’t do us much good so I decided for us to quit going. 4 weeks ago he sat me down asking for a divorce as he cannot see things moving. It breaks my heart that he brought it up knowin well I am going into an operation in a month. I don’t know what to do. We still love each other and he is still nice and looks after me as normal but has become distant. If you think I can still save my marriage please help.

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