Valentine’s Day Blues

A Blue HeartNot everyone will be celebrating romance this February 14th. A lot of the clients we work with are in relationships where one partner wants out. For the partner who wants to save the marriage, Valentine’s Day can be a lonely and painful event. If that’s you, keep reading because you are on my mind and heart this week.

You probably wish you could just fast forward from February 13th to the 15th. Valentine’s Day is just around the corner but it doesn’t have to be a sad day if you change your focus. Instead of thinking about the relationship you wish you had, make this day a celebration of something else entirely! I’ve been on the lookout for ways other people have celebrated this day and I found some really cool ideas. I’ve listed them for you below…because I love you and I’m awesome that way!

1. Celebrate a loving relationship that isn’t romantic. Sure! Why not? I have a friend who sent me flowers for Valentine’s Day last year. She wanted me to know she loved me and will always be my friend. It made my day.

2. Make it a day of loving yourself. Do something to take care of yourself. Plan a special moment or event to give yourself a treat like a massage or a bath by candlelight. Have a favorite chocolate treat? Forget your diet for one day and indulge. Rent a movie you’ve been wanting to see and pick up a fabulous dinner. Splurge and order a beautiful meal from a nice restaurant to be picked up and enjoyed at home.

3. Spend it with your kids. You love them right? For younger kids, make them Valentines and treat baskets. Older kids love treats too. Take them to a movie or do something they will enjoy.

4. Know someone else who is lonely this year? Have a real party…not a pity party. Watch a good movie (no tear jerkers please), indulge in some good food and put pictures of all your exes on a wall and throw darts. Yes. I really said that! It can be a good way to cleanse your palate so to speak and lighten the mood.

5. Send an anonymous Valentine. Find someone who has experienced a loss this past year. There are lots of lonely and hurting people in this world. Especially elderly people. Or maybe someone you know at work. Send them something and tell them you are thinking of them. Brightening other people’s day always makes you feel better.

What are some of your ideas? I’d love to hear them! Put them in the comment section of this blog.

Then go order some chocolate just for you! Or flowers even, if that’s your thing. Do anything but sit around and feel sorry for yourself because you are awesome and worthy of being loved and adored. Trust me. I know these things.

Much love!