Eric, your sessions have been great! I was telling my best friend the other day that I was using a marriage coach and how much it has helped me.  Thank you!

Dan, just 6 weeks ago my wife was set on ending our marriage. We have gone from the brink of divorce, fighting almost every day. To getting along better than we ever have. It helped me a lot to get an outside prospective on our marriage. Learning why I react certain ways to things and how to really focusing on thinking before I say or do something that would cause a fight. I've not only seen big changes in myself and my marriage, but also in my wife. With the strategies and coaching you have given me, I believe she has made changes in herself based on my new behaviors. We haven't been working together all that long, but I consider you a friend.

Thank you so much for your support through all this - I cannot even begin to express how invaluable your support has been to me through this saga!

Carol...It was very comforting speaking with you today and knowing that I have you in my corner helping me through this sad, sad time. 

In my desperation to save my marriage, I have read many books, hired Divorce Busting coaches and purchased Mort Fertel's materials and none of them were as helpful as my Engage With Love coach.  The DB coaches just kept telling me to be nice and wait it out.  Mort's advice backfired completely.  My EWL coach told me to "yank the chain" and my husband finally took notice and started respecting me again.  Now we are moving forward....together!!!

Carol, thanks so much! I have learned so many things and have a renewed faith and drive to get my marriage back on track.

Carol, you have helped me a lot.  I have the list of 16 tips from the free Ebook in my office and I read them everyday to help me stay on track. I will continue to give her more space and be patient with her. Thanks for the advice!

Bonnie, thank you for helping me fix myself. You said a few things to me that made me realize who I’d become and I didn’t like what I saw. I’ve fixed myself now and no matter what happens I will be the person I was intended to be in the future.

Bonnie, I wanted to give you an update on my status. My husband withdrew the petition for divorce. We have now reconciled and life is finally back to normal. Thank you so much for all your support and help, especially during my very bad days. I will always be grateful to you for what you have done for me.

I can’t express my gratitude enough for all the work you’ve done with me. I now have a better understanding of my wife and what she has experienced from me in our marriage. I strongly believe I am a better husband and father. Thank you for helping me get there!

Kim, Thank you for helping me see how I have been getting in my own way with my marriage by over-analyzing, ruminating and focusing on destructive or negative thought patterns. I really needed a reality check. You gave me the strategies to cope/manage/adjust and I can’t thank you enough.

Kim you're awesome...you hit the nail on the head:) I've done everything so far that you said...so I'm proud of myself. This is very helpful, & I can do this...I will keep you posted...thank you so much for everything:)

I can’t say enough how much my coach has helped me. My wife is back in the marriage and wants to work with me to make things better. I love your vision for marriage and all the ways you are working to help people like me. THANK YOU!!

Kim, you sure know how to dive in and get right to the heart of the matter. But you did it in a way that was non-threatening to both of us. My husband worried he would be the "bad guy" because he had the affair but you managed to be direct in a way that didn't make him want to run away. I truly think that made all the difference.

We saw 5 counselors before we found Kim and we learned more in one session with her than we did with all the others combined. Just wish we had found her sooner!

Money well spent!  This was the best investment I could have made for my marriage.

My wife wanted out and nothing I did could convince her to change her mind. But of course, I was doing all the wrong things. Kim helped us see that there was still something left worth fighting for. Now we are using our tools and life gets better every day.

Our "marriage counselor" told my husband that our kids were not a reason to stay married so he filed for divorce. I was devastated. I thought we were over but Kim helped us find each other again. I will be forever grateful, Kim, for your passion for marriage.

Susan, after working with you, I did everything we discussed.  My wife left town for a month and when she returned, she saw all the changes I had made.  We started spending more time together and when it was time to talk to the mediator, she told me she didn't want the divorce.  We kissed for the first time in 5 months!!!  We are now going to counseling and things look better each day.  Thank you!

Eric, I think you might be a genius or you just know your job well. Without you I would probably be lost. After talking with you I feel less confused and anxious.

Eric, all the marriage counseling we have tried was mediocre at best.  My wife is certainly not interested in going back. Your coaching, on the other hand, is solid advice I can follow. I feel like I'm getting my money's worth.

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  1. Hello, I am reaching out to you as my wife seems determined to get a divorce. We have been separated for over 2 months now and have not talked since I moved out. She needed time and space which I gave her without opposition. I have been working on myself and learning about how to change the life of a marriage. She told me today she wants to move forward with a divorce and I don’t know what to do. We haven’t tried anything, it feels like she is giving up at the first ordeal and it deeply saddens me. What is your best advice to convince her our marriage is worth fighting for? Thank you for your help.

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