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  1. Just read the e-book… very enlightening. I realize all this and am trying to stop these bad habits. I am the one who wants my marriage to work. My husband was going to move out but I agreed almost 3 weeks ago to stay at my moms to make things easier. Now after reading this, I am terrified that this “trial separation” that we are attempting could be the end. What should I do? How should I go about this? I really need help.

    • Hi Kari, If your goal is to rescue the marraige, we do typically recommend you not separate unless in cases of abuse. That said, a trial separation does not automatically doom your chances of reconciliation. It can though make things more challenging. If you haven’t done so already, consider calling my offices and requesting a free consultation with one of my coaches. This is a situation we see regularly and the coach can help you walk this path in a way that gives your marriage the best chances. Wishing you the best, Kim

  2. Thank you for the free-e book. I’m trying to work out where to go with my husband wanting a divorce and I don’t and whether I am wrong to try and change his decision.

    • Hi, Vivienne,

      I’m sorry for what you’re going through. Our Marriage and Relationship Coaches would be happy to offer you guidance and support during this trying time. If you would like to look into our Coaching services, call our office and we can get that process started for you.